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The Great Mixcloud Push continues. If you haven’t yet checked out our Mixcloud profile, do it; there’s even more great stuff available for your listening pleasure. And that’s not even getting into some of our friends from the station, who are also putting up cool stuff.

The Rock Show: Patrick Adams [with Ethan] by WNUR-FM on Mixcloud

More Mixcloud updates after the jump, including an exclusive Streetbeat mix from Dakini9, the most recent edition of Your World with WNUR News, and more.


I’ve always wanted us to get more stuff on Mixcloud, so don’t be surprised if our output there ramps up over the next few weeks. To start things off, we’ve got two new mixes up. The first is an eight o’clock break from September, which looks at the work of electronic composer Laurie Spiegel.

The Rock Show: Laurie Spiegel [with Sam] by WNUR-FM on Mixcloud

After the jump, check out a mix of ’70s Italian soundtrack music from composer Marcello Giombini, which aired this summer as part of the Dewey Decibel System show on Handpicked.


Hey, folks. Track of the Day will resume next week, but in the meantime, I wanted to pass along a special broadcast by our friends at WNUR News. The show, A Year of Revolution, takes a look at this year’s surge of social unrest in America and abroad. Also, make sure to listen for Your World with WNUR News, their new weekly program on Friday nights from 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM, starting after the new year. As always, this (along with the rest of our Mixcloud uploads) is also available here.

WNUR News Presents: A Year of Revolution by WNUR-FM on Mixcloud

Hey there, guys. No Rock this week, but we’ve got another installment of More Bounce. Continental Drift also sent along their Thanksgiving special, so check that out if you’re in the mood for some rad music from around the world. Another hour of Oscillations will probably come up by the end of the weekend as well. As always, if there’s something you want to see more of on Mixcloud, let us know.

More Bounce – 11/30/11 by WNUR-FM on Mixcloud

Continental Drift – Thanksgiving Day Special [with Minna and Vicki] by WNUR-FM on Mixcloud