Today’s Track of the Day is going to be a little shorter than usual, on account of the impending holiday. Besides, for those of you who know your Tropicália, I’m sure the significance of Caetano Veloso in the history of Brazilian music should be readily apparent. “In the Hot Sun of A Christmas Day” was included on Veloso’s third self-titled release, put out in 1971 during Veloso’s exile in the UK. It just so happens that Veloso co-wrote this particular track with Tropicália legend Gilberto Gil, so it’s a song with a definite pedigree. I don’t usually mess around with Christmas/holiday music, but this one’s a keeper.


Track of the Day is going to take the next week off, but keep an eye out in the new year for more great stuff from our contributors—not to mention all the new, exciting things we’ve got planned for the site. Stay tuned!


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