B.W.H. was an Italo-disco project featuring Carlo Favilli and Stefano Zito. B.W.H. only produced one single, “Livin’ Up,” on House of Music, a subsidiary of Best Record. The B-side to that single, “Stop,” is today’s featured track. Favilli and Zito were hugely influential in the Italo-disco scene. In addition to B.W.H., the production duo were credited on several releases, often by bands put together for a single song/release. Some of these include Mr. Master and Blackway (who also released music with Helene).

Several other musicians/performers have claimed involvement with these releases, most notably DJ and producer Casco (aka Salvatore Cusato) who is rumored to have used the pseudonym C. Salomone as a session musician. More recent represses of B.W.H. and Blackway releases have been titled as “Casco Presents…” In fact, the level to which Zito and Favilli actually contributed is disputed. Nevertheless, almost everything that Zito and Favilli worked on (including solo projects) is very good Italo-disco and comes highly recommended.

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