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Torn From The Bible - UK Punk Edition

In this installment of our (semi-)regular Torn From The Bible feature, I pulled a few pages related to the early days of the UK Punk scene. Those for your reading pleasure after the break, plus a couple of DJ training sheets.


Slutever is the self-described “shit-fi” duo of Philadelphians Rachel Gagliardi and Nicole Snyder. “No Offense” comes off Slutever’s “Pretend To Be Nice” 7″, which they released in March of last year. The release was put out by Bantic Media, which is a student-run artist services group at Drexel University; it’s also where the release was recorded. Aside from a previous EP release, 2010′s more abrasive Sorry I’m Not Sorry, Slutever hasn’t put out any other recordings, but it seems like they’re playing pretty actively throughout the east coast. Maybe one of these days they’ll stop by our neck of the woods.


Slutever -

I’ve always wanted us to get more stuff on Mixcloud, so don’t be surprised if our output there ramps up over the next few weeks. To start things off, we’ve got two new mixes up. The first is an eight o’clock break from September, which looks at the work of electronic composer Laurie Spiegel.

The Rock Show: Laurie Spiegel [with Sam] by WNUR-FM on Mixcloud

After the jump, check out a mix of ’70s Italian soundtrack music from composer Marcello Giombini, which aired this summer as part of the Dewey Decibel System show on Handpicked.


“Africa” first saw release on Le Lu\Lu’s 1985 cassette Operating on Specific Cues. The next year, it comprised the A-side of a 12″ release by the group, as well as their side of a split 7″ with Belgian industrial group Bene Gesserit. The position of the slash in the group’s name shifted over the years; allegedly it was meant to give the group a more computerized identity by making their name look like a filename. Towards similar ends, I assume, the group included a track of computer data at the end of the “Africa” 12″. Listeners were instructed to dub the song onto a cassette, then feed the data to a Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer—which, when synced-up with the other track on the B-side, would give you something that looks like this. Since then, Yo Yo, one of the core members of the group, has continued to record as Timekode—but as her website says, “TIMEKODE/DENI is NOT ON FACEBOOK/MYSPACE/TWITTER, so DON`T WASTE YOUR TIME!”


White+ is the latest incarnation of White, an experimental side-project of Beijing-based Carsick Cars guitarist Shou Wang. After the breakup of White, which saw the departure of Hang On The Box drummer Shenggy, Wang reformed the duo with the drummer for garage rock band The Gar, Wang Xu. Obvious points of reference for their self-titled debut are some of the early German krautrock and industrial acts; the group recorded White+ in Berlin’s Anderebaustelle Studio, which is run by former members of Einstürzende Neubauten. The record is expected to see release on Tenzenmen in November, though it’s been available in China on Maybe Mars since earlier this year. It’s absolutely worth a listen, if you get the chance.

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