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(Jefrees, 2013)

Today’s groove comes from Streetbeat producer and DJ Sgt. Percy. Here’s his take on it:

Brand new release from forward-thinker Slick Shoota. He’s been producing some of the cleanest and most progressive footwork tracks and has been a force in the fast-paced style’s recent rash of popularity outside of Chicago. Artists from the United Kingdom, Europe (such as Slick Shoota, who hails from Norway), and Japan have all copied and added their own elements to the ghetto sound giving exciting international life to the once regional genre.


Na Afriki (Cumbancha, 2007)

Kevin from Continental Drift picked the track of the day for this Tuesday! Here’s what he says about it:

A stunning song–powerful and emotive vocals, top-notch production/arrangement and phenomenal backing vocals and instrumentation. I have no idea what this song is about, but it digs deep every time I hear it.

[Cumbancha Records]

The Way Out (Temporary Residence Ltd., 2010)

Today’s track of the day was picked by Rock Show DJ Mackenzie. Here’s what she has to say about it:

The Books don’t exist anymore, which is really sad. But they used to be from New York. This is from their final album, The Way Out. It’s basically a guy ranting and sounding crazy and the electric guitar noise is actually a guy shaving with an electric razor. I like to quote this song in my head a lot. Listen!


Single (Heritage Records, 1969)

To usher in the weekend, we have a track chosen by WNUR’s Faculty Advisor/former Fast & Loud host, Dr. Phil Scepanski.

Though coming from the “Beach Music” scene associated more with the Carolinas, Bill Deal and the Rhondels hailed from Virginia Beach. With the busy horn section and exaggerated backbeat, this was one of many songs where they showed the influence of the flourishing ska and rocksteady artists of Jamaica.