Okay, so if you’ve done your post-punk homework, the name Au Pairs probably isn’t new to you. Au Pairs released “It’s Obvious” as the B-side to their 1980 7″ “Diet”—that’s the version embedded above—and included a different arrangement of the track on their 1981 debut album Playing With A Different Sex. The song’s strongly feminist perspective is typically attributed to guitarist and lead vocalist Lesley Woods, and a lot of their other output is cast from the same ideological mold. At the time, Woods was also known in the scene as one of only a few vocal, public lesbians—that, too, seems to inform much of the record’s political sensibility.

For those of you that don’t know them, Playing With A Different Sex is pretty clearly the place to start, although you may have to dig around a little to find a copy of that one in the States. And for those of you who already know them, there’s nothing wrong with listening to more Au Pairs.



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