Today’s Track of the Day comes from Russian poet/musician Alexander Bashlachev (Cyrillic: Александр Башлачев), off his 1990 release Tretya Stolica (Третья Столица, in English: Third Capital). That album comprised a series of recordings by Bashlachev dating to about 1985, although by the time of their release Bashlachev had been dead two years—an apparent suicide fall from the window of his Leningrad apartment. Rock music was subject to harsh censorship under the Soviet Union, and because of the often-clandestine circumstances in which much of Bashlachev’s work would have been heard while he was alive, it’s hard to pin down exactly how widespread his music was. However, a steady stream of posthumous releases—particularly after the collapse of the Soviet Union—has today made Bashlachev one of the Soviet era’s most prominent rock musicians. Best of luck tracking some of those records down, though: so far, his stuff’s only for sale in Mother Russia.



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