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volcano! Saturday, June 16, 2012
volcano! formed in summer of 2003. They believed in fusing improvisation with pop compositions and melodies with noise. Aaron With contributed bizarre vocal expressions, weird lyrics, and fast guitar strumming. Mark Cartwright created horrible electronic noises and enveloping ambient soundscapes. Sam Scranton played drums and percussive toys as loud as his thin arms allowed. In fall of 2005 volcano! released their debut album, Beautiful Seizure, on the Leaf label. This album strived for maximal intensity, severe juxtapositions, and unpredictable structures. With their 2008 sophomore release, Paperwork, volcano! surgically grafted a protective, rhythmic exoskeleton around the wild muscles of their incubating monster, giving it enough posture to tap its feet while it whistled its new hooks. Paperwork's propulsive beats made possible a listener response of head nodding and refrain sing-a-long, if not actual dancing. Actual dancing, however, is volcano!'s goal on their third album, Pi?ata. Look for lots of sub-bass, authoritative beats, and ecstasy drops in June of 2012.
Recorded by: Matt Ludwig & Ethan Simonoff