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Airplay is more than a show, it's an institution. Join the Airplay gang every week as they open the flood gates and let the music pour in. Airplay specializes in live in-studio performances by the best and brightest. Search the performance database if you don't believe us. Three parts freaky and two parts fresh, Airplay licks it where most shows only lightly kiss.

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Nervous Curtains Sunday, October 24, 2010
Defined by a unique blend of post-punk, cabaret, and goth rock, Out of Sync With Time collectively feels like something of a lucid dream. The record relies on the juxtaposed contrast of chromatic treble countered by imposing synthesizers in the bass. Toss in a healthy dose of drum rolls, dirty percussion and emotional vocals and the resulting sound is a tantalizing, albeit disturbing, hybrid of The Birthday Party and The Cure. Yet at no point do the Curtains ever lean too far in one direction, but instead they maintain a sound which is distinctly their own. And while the vocals occasionally get drowned out in their own reverb, the gist of the lyrics is plain enough: surrealism and paranoia amidst cryptic cultural commentary. ---Baeble Music
Recorded by: Mike Corsa