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Zvoov Friday, January 06, 2012
Zvoov is a three-piece instrumental rock band from Brooklyn, New York with: Eric Hielscher on guitar Arthur Meacham on bass John Swank on drums You could call Zvoov math rock, but that would be missing the point. Yes, the instrumental power trio rocks angular riffs and impossible rhythms, but this is not some dispassionate exercise in odd-meter wankery. This is music with feeling, owing as much to Radiohead and Om as to Hella and Don Caballero. Zvoov's sound veers effortlessly from glimmering, off-kilter melodicism to full-blown sludgy mayhem. The weird time signatures are certainly there, but often woven slyly into a song to create a sense of unease and disquiet within an otherwise accessible piece. Their debut Everbrown EP was self-released in February 2011.
Recorded by: Ethan Simonoff