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Airplay is more than a show, it's an institution. Join the Airplay gang every week as they open the flood gates and let the music pour in. Airplay specializes in live in-studio performances by the best and brightest. Search the performance database if you don't believe us. Three parts freaky and two parts fresh, Airplay licks it where most shows only lightly kiss.

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Antennas Up Monday, June 20, 2011
Formed in Kansas City in 2008, Antennas Up is guitarist and world traveler Bo McCall and drummer/programmer The Ryantist (who met in the drumline of their high school marching band) with college pal Kyle Akers on bass & synth to solidify the triumvirate. A fascination with spaceships, videogames and assorted results of hyper-accentuated technology clear the way for dance floor-worthy grooves that share loyalties to funk, neo-soul and electro-robot rock. With the raw material they record, they loop, cut, stretch and shift the audio to create something totally different. Their album has vocals that sound like guitars, basses that sound like high pitched Nintendo games and live drums that sound like fuzzy drum machines, all with hypnotic rhythms weaving in and out of infectious melodies.
Recorded by: Mike Corsa & Matt Ludwig