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Secret Colours Saturday, April 14, 2012
Blending guitar, bass, drums, and a touch of tambourine that beckons memories from a bygone era, this Chicago based sextet will take you on a psychedelic trip that won't quit. Since releasing their debut album to high praise back in 2010, Secret Colours have taken their rock on the road gracing the likes of SXSW and Austin Psych Fest. Their website poses the question, "What would west coast pop art experimentalism sound like filtered through an industrial midwest prism?" They don't know the answer to that question and we don't either, but we do know that if you've got love for psych rock and good tunes, Secret Colours is worth your time. Secret Colours is Tommy Evans, Dave Stach, Dylan Olson, Justin Frederick, Margaret Albright, and Nathaniel Wiess.
Recorded by: Matt Ludwig & Ethan Simonoff