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James Falzone Saturday, May 21, 2011
Multi-faceted clarinetist and composer of Chicago?s rich jazz and creative improvised music scene, James Falzone, joined us in-studio for this informative one-on-one interview. His new album, "Other Doors" was being released the same week on his own Allos Documents label, and Falzone came to discuss the inspiration and background behind the music. The topics ranged from Benny Goodman (a key inspiration and composer of a several tunes from "Other Doors") as well as the community aspect of jazz in Chicago and Falzone's respect for jazz tradition and history.

Falzone's enthusiasm for avant garde composition and technique is tempered by his assiduous study of jazz giants throughout the expansive history of the genre; it's a thorny undertaking, a balancing act he handles masterfully both live and recorded. In addition, Falzone is a veteran contemporary music lecturer and clinician, the longtime Director of Music for Grace Chicago Church and an award-winning composer who has been commissioned by chamber groups and symphony orchestras among other institutions. His incredibly diverse career also includes sideman work in Tim Daisy?s chamber-jazz trio Vox Arcana, the French music ensemble Le Bon Vent and Dutch saxophonist Jorrit Dijkstra?s The Flatlands Collective. Falzone has been on Airplay several times, playing with Vox Arcana, Allos Musica, and Trio Actuelle.

Interviewer: Mike Corsa