Bridget Illing & Ramona Roy

Traffic Director

For matters regarding public service announcements (PSAs), contact

Jason Lederman

Web Editor

Sam Daub

News Director

For matters regarding press releases, contact

Zachary Silva

WNUR Sports Directors

Jim Sannes & Zachary Kisfalusi



Continental Drift Producer

Svyatoslav Nakonechny

Freeform Producer

Jamie Lee Cortese

Jazz Music Director

Will Conroy

Rock Executive Board

Ethan Simonoff, Gillian Levy, Jenna Powell-Malloy, Harlynn Siler

Streetbeat Producers

Ed Ingerman & Nick Harwood

Weekend Producer

Nikita Shulzshenko

On Twitter

In addition to WNUR’s official station profile, many of WNUR’s shows also maintain Twitter accounts. These are:


Continental Drift


The Rock Show

Scope Radio


This is Hell

WNUR Sports

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