Jason Carter – Evocativa

Gondwana – Second Coming

Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill – Welcome Here Again

Kennetth Newby – Sirens

Linger – Angela de Villiens

Luisa Maita – Lero-Lero

Heidi Talbot – In Love + Light

Jill Cunniff – City Beach

Magitza Quartet – Boleritza

Mahagitá – Harp and Vocal Music of Burma

Kudu – Death of the Party

Pedro Moraes – Claroescuro

Razia Said- Zebu Nation

Sarah Tavares – Xinti

Sergent Garcia – Una y otra ves

The Shackeltons – The Shackeltons

Terra Diablo – Deluge Songs

Tom Teasley – Global Stantard Time

Various Artists – Anti-Sampler

Various Artists – Dutch Dance 2009

Various Artists – The New Brazilian Music

Various Artists – Nublu Sound

Various Artists – Music from Your World Vol. 2

Various Artists – Stranded in Stereo Vol. 7

Various Artists – Stranded in Stereo Vol.8

Various Artists – Five Countries – Three Languages

Various Artists – Harmonic Connections

Various Artists: The Womeximizer ’09

Nati Cano and The Mariachi Los Camperos – ¡Llegaron Los Camperos!: Concert Favorites of Nati Cano’s Mariachi Los Camperos (Smithsonian Folkways) ($25)

The Mariachi Los Camperos – Música Ranchera: Amor, Dolor y Lágrimas (Love, Hurt and Tears) (Smithsonian Folkways) ($25)

The La Drivers Union Por Por Group – Por Por: Honk Horn Music of Ghana (Smithsonian Folkways) ($25)

Various Artists – Singing for Life: Songs of Hope, Healing and HIV/AIDS in Uganda (Smithsonian Folkways) ($25)

Brian Conway, Sligo-style fiddler – First Through the Gate (Smithsonian Folkways) ($25)

Tony DeMarco, New York Irish Fiddler – The Sligo Indians (Smithsonian Folkways) ($25)


Fast and Loud


Fueled By Ramen: Feed Your Ears vol. 1

Punk o Rama 10

Unsound Vol. 1

F*cked Up – David Comes to Life




Hole in the Bottom of the Sea  (Christine Lavin & Betsy Franco Feeney) ($25)


Anais Mitchell – The Brightness

Battlefield Band – Zama Zama, Try Your Luck…

Ben Bedford – Lincoln’s Man

Burns Sisters Band – Wild Bouquet

Cadillac Sky – Gravity’s Our Enemy

Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen – Cross the Water

Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen – Leave the Cake in the Mailbox

Crooked Still  – Some Strange Country

Eddie Holstein – Eddie Holstein

Garnet Rogers – Get a Witness

The Yellow Room Gang – Happy New Day

Sons of the Never Wrong  – On a Good Day… I am

Randall Williams – Praying for Land

Laurie Lewis – Blossoms

Joe Jencks – The Candle and the Flame

Joe Jencks – Rise as One

Sons of the Never Wrong – Church of the Never Wrong

John Flynn – The End of the Beginning

Ella Jenkins  – A Life of Song

Matt & Shannon Heaton – Fine Winter’s Night

Leela & Ellie Grace – Where the Waters Run

Kate MacLeod – Trying to Get it Right

Heather Styka – Lifeboats for Atlantis

Jaime Michaels – The Man With the Time Machine

Christine Lavin – Getting in touch with My Inner Bitch

Christine Lavin – I Don’t make this Stuff Up, I just make it Rhyme

Various Artists – Live From the Old Town School ($25)

CD Packs:

3 CD Surprise Pack – Grab bag of albums to include known artists and/or compilations ($45)

5 CD Surprise Pack – Grab bag of albums to include known artists and/or compilations ($65)


Guest DJ – Come to WNUR, hang out with the DJs and play your favorite folk music! ($100)

Leonard Cohen “Live at the Isle of Wight 1970″ – DVD ($30)

Box Sets:

Woody Guthrie – The Asch Recordings, Vol. 1-4 (Smithsonian Folkways) ($60)




Kirk Franklin – The Nu Nation Project

Various Artists – Gospel Next


Hidden Forms


Oxyd – Liveforms

Saltillo – Monocyte

Cruise [Ctrl] – How’s Annie

Ex_Tension – Freedom

Various Artists – These Sounds Will Have to Meet Somewhere in Between


The Carapace – Moments in Time


ADJ – Hand of Mysteries


Outside Recordings Label Logo T-shirt (L)

Signifier Record Label Logo T-Shirt (M)




Chicago Underground Trio – Chronicle

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